Types of Brisbane intercom installation for the home

Another great way of protecting the property in Brisbane from thieves and burglar attacks is by installing an intercom security system. The specific designs of the latest intercom security systems make them valuable tools to use in protecting your home.

The varied types of Brisbane intercom installation basically allows you to see and talk to the person at your door to make you decide whether to turn them away or let them in.

The different features, sizes, and shapes of intercom systems allow you to choose the one that perfectly suits all your security needs. While some high-tech models are more expensive, getting a good quality of intercom is still possible on a limited budget.

Automatic gate-entry intercom systems

Someone visiting you can be granted entry in your front gate with the help from an automatic gate-entry intercom system. Pressing a couple of buttons to open or close the gate is the top convenience provided by this intercom system. The addition of a small camera with a large display to the system allows you to see the person knocking on your gate. With these features, you are given the option of whether to allow or turn away anyone knocking on your gate.

Wireless Intercom systems

The various types of radio frequencies are used by the wireless intercom system to send signals within your home. Wireless intercom is a cheaper option compared to the wired or carrier-current intercom systems. They don’t need to be installed and ready to use after taking them out of the box.

Most wireless intercom systems are powered by batteries. The batteries are tough, durable, and created to last a long time. The unit will give out an alert once the battery needs to be replaced.

Knowing the range of this type of intercom allows you to get the one you need. Their versatility allows you to use them either indoor or outdoor, depending on what you need them for. However, slight interference problems over time seem to be the main issue of wireless intercom systems.

Wired intercom systems

The wired intercom system is one of the most common types of intercom systems. A bit expensive compared to other kinds of intercom systems, the wired intercom unit is usually built inside the walls of a home.

The durability and indifference to external interferences of wired intercom systems make up for their expensive price. The excellent audio signal enables you to communicate well with the person in front of your door or gate. The exceptional audio feature of the wired intercom systems provides the needed security for your property.

Carrier-current intercom systems

A less expensive option to the wired intercom system is the carrier-current intercom unit. The unit has to be integrated into the home’s electrical system to allow you to talk to the person knocking on your gate or front door.

A lot of benefits are provided by carrier-current intercom systems. Other than its cheap price, they are quick to install and easy to maintain. The audio quality is acceptable but pales in comparison to the wired intercom systems.

The intercom security system not only protects businesses but homes as well. While the home intercom systems are simple and basic compared to the highly advanced system used by businesses, they protect and keep the home safe.

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