The benefits of energy efficient buildings

Unbeknownst to us, the impact of our actions in our homes, offices, and schools is significant. Day in and day out, flipping on light switches, turning on computers, and other means of energy use create excessive greenhouse gas emissions. If the energy is used from fossil fuels, the toll is even more significant. Just to give an idea of the propensity of this prevalent problem let’s look at one industrialised country and assess the damage. In looking at the United States alone, 30 percent of their greenhouse gas emissions come from where people live and work. This means that changing the amount of greenhouse emissions would impair the country’s functionality. How do we, as a civilisation, move forward in this to ensure the upkeep of our planet? Sometimes to motivate others to change, you have to highlight the positives. Hence, we put together a list highlighting the benefits of energy efficient buildings.

1.   Indoors get more comfortable

Energy efficient buildings regulate the environment for you; hence allowing you to rest more and not have to worry about managing your home yourself. Such building structures control the heat, moisture and air flow. To conserve heat, and insulate your indoor environment, certified ENERGY STAR windows paired with air sealing work well to keep indoor air dry and warm. Utilising ventilation systems, which are mechanical, to circulate air and get rid of unwanted moisture, help combat unwanted pollutants and uncomfortable temperatures. Some examples of such ventilation systems are fans, air exchangers usually found on heating systems, and heat recovery ventilators.

2.   Low energy bills, save that money

Going the extra mile to incorporate energy saving utilities and features into your home will save you money. Energy efficiency means less energy being used to carry out certain tasks, and ultimately leading to less money being spent on energy bills. Reducing energy by 30 percent in your home can save you up to $1,000 or more annually.

3.   Feel Healthy, be healthier

Although you cannot change or dictate the air quality outside your home, at least you have a say in what you want the inside of your home to be like. It is no surprise that cleaning and changing your indoor environment for the better has a positive impact on your overall health. Everything from fish tanks, microwaves and printers pollute the air within your home. Gearing up your home to be able to manage the airflow for you will improve the air you breathe. Replacing air inside your home with fresh air every few hours is required for optimal indoor air quality. A healthy home is one with fresh air.

4.   Less moisture fewer problems.

Having proper energy efficient features in your home, prevent moisture related issues from arising. You can completely stop airborne diseases and sneaky house mole from having the upper hand in your home.